These articles about local history were originally published in the Belbroughton Parish Magazine:

Frank Read, Scytheman (November 2013)

19 Church Hill: Change of Use (October 2013)

Belbroughton Misdemeanours c 1600 (September 2013)

Observations of Holy Trinity: 1884 (August 2013)

Holy Trinity Church: as observed in 1883 (July 2013)

Church Restoration Accounts 1899 (June 2013)

Fraud in Belbroughton (May 2013)

Pills and Potions (April 2013)

Belbroughton Village Fete, 1963 (March 2013)

The Hammer on the Green (February 2013)

Commemoration of the Site of Weybridge Mills (January 2013)

No 19 Church Hill – Who Lived There? (December 2012)

Childhood Memories from a Bygone Age (November 2012)

The School’s Financial Support in Times Past (October 2012)

A Medical Officer for Bromsgrove Poor Law Union (August 2012)

Shops and Pubs (June 2012)

Aspire – Perspire – Expire – Our Spire (May 2012)

Belbroughton School Records (April 2012)

Yet Another Bonus Issue (March 2012)

Belbroughton’s Precious Beauty Spots (December 2011)

Wartime Belbroughton (December 2010)

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