Belbroughton School Records

This article originally appeared in Belbroughton Parish Magazine in April 2012.

While clearing out a cupboard recently, Belbroughton School came across some old records which they kindly donated to the History Society.  They include:

  • Admission registers from 1871-1965
  • Summary attendance register from 1938-1942
  • Records of “Sales of Needlework, Garden Produce, etc” from 1952-1979
  • Stock books from the 1950s and 1960s
  • School Fund records from 1959-1983

Entries on the first page of the registers, with admission numbers, include:

no 1        Walter ***, son of George, dob 30.9.59, Belbroughton, admitted April 1871, left 3.9.73, standard V.

no 2        Frederick ***, son of George, dob 7.10.61, Belbroughton, adm April 1871, left 13.7.77, std VI.

no 3        Samuel ***, son of Thomas, dob ?, Broom Hill, adm May 1871, left 21.6.71, std ?

no 4        Henry ***, son of William, Hartell (sic), dob 29.6.64, adm June 1870, left 18.5.77, std VI.

no 26              Thomas ***, son of Benjamin, Weybridge, dob 11.4.65, adm Nov 1870, left 19.3.80, std VI.

no 39     William ***, son of Aaron, Belbroughton, dob 1.8.61, adm Nov 1871, left 6.10.76, std III.

The registers show a significant degree of movement into and out of the district.  The relatively “active” page of 1894-7 records “Last School” as follows:

24 children transferred from the Infants                         

2 children transferred from each of Hagley, Broom and Buckland (siblings in each case)

1 child transferred from each of Fairfield, Halesowen, Birmingham, Chaddesley, Aston Rowant, Wall Heath, Hunnington, Southam Warks, Miss Bradley of Lydiate Ash, Bromsgrove Union and Stourbridge

The same page records current residence as:

Belbroughton village13 The Hurst1
Dordale1 Bell End3
Hartle Lane4 Weybridge1
Hollies Hill1 Rum Alley1
The Fenns2 Bell Hall Farm2
Broom Hill6 The Breach1
New Town1 Fairfield2
The Furlongs2   

There are few if any references to garden produce in the Sales books, but needlework was more profitable. Monies received in the Autumn Term 1955 were:

Needlework Aprons (plain)    4 @ 1/6                                    6/- Gaiety aprons    3 @ 2/3                                    6/9 Gaiety aprons    4 @ 2/6                                    10/- Blouse                     1 @ 2/6                                    2/6 Skirt (seersucker) 1 @ 6/3               6/3 Blue bag                1 @ 4d                    4dHandwork Kettleholders      3@ 6d                     1/6 Dishcloth              1 @ 6d                    6d Table mats           8 @ 3d                    2/- Table mats           4 @ 6d                    2/- Iron Holder          1 @ 9d                    9d
Total                        £1 11s 10dTotal                        6s 9d

Editor’s Note: For those who are too young to remember there were 12 pence (d) in a shilling (s) and 20 shillings in a pound (£), so 2/6 (2s 6d) was 12½ p in today’s money.  Confused? Just be grateful for decimalisation.