An Album of Belbroughton – Mary Hinton & Agnes Spier, 1983 An illustrated history of the village£4.00
Almanac – Belbroughton History Society, 2001 A miscellany of articles about the village, including photographs and early extracts from the Parish Registers£3.00
Aspects of the History of Belbroughton in the 18th & 19th  centuries – History Society, 1982 Contains 18th century Parish Register, wills, probate, vestry matters. 19th century care of the poor, inhabitants in 1851£4.00
Belbroughton to Botany Bay, 2nd Edition – Madge Vaughan and David Cox The Story of Sarah Bellamy, born in Belbroughton, convicted of theft, and transported to Australia on the First Fleet£3.00
The Story of Fairfield Past – Margaret Must, 2000 An illustrated history of the neighbouring village of Fairfield£4.00
Rectors and Restorations, Belbroughton Church in the 19th Century – Madge Jones, 2006 A study of three incumbents and the changes they made to the church, set against the background of the 19th century religious revival and its influence on church architecture£4.00
The Scythemen of Belbroughton – Dorothy Cope, 1988 The illustrated story of Belbroughton’s scythe-making industry from early days to 1968£4.00
Times Past in Belbroughton: 1. Shops and Shopping – by Dorothy Cope A look back to the days when the village had nearly 30 shops and you could buy everything from hats to pig food!£3.00
Times Past in Belbroughton: 2. Buildings – Madge Jones & Mary Hinton, 2000 An illustrated description of the eight buildings featured in the Millennium Plaque Project£3.00
Scythemill A black and white film transferred to video showing the detail of the manufacture of scythes at Isaac Nash’s works in Belbroughton in 1955 (limited availability)£3.50

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Available in the Village Only:  Our Parish Church.   Walks Around Belbroughton

The detailed map of the area is:  Ordnance Survey – Explorer Series, Wolverhampton &  Dudley, Sheet 219 (scale 1:25,000)